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Rare & Beautiful

Argyle Pink Diamonds


Argyle pink diamonds, produced at Rio Tinto's Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, are highly coveted as the world's most sought-after diamonds. The Argyle Diamond Mine produces more than 90% of the world's pink diamond supply. Rio Tinto's Argyle Pink Diamonds business is located in Perth, Western Australia, alongside its cutting and polishing factory. The finest and rarest diamonds are reserved for the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. 

The Journey

Across the breadth of 1.6 billion years, journeying from the crucible of the earth, emerges the most intriguing diamond in history. Revered for its exquisite beauty and provenance, the Argyle pink diamond is coveted as the most esteemed diamond in the world.

Two Types of Pink Diamond Material
Type 1A
  • Nitrogen rich area’s

  • Usually has more purple

  • Stronger color, vivid to even red diamonds

  • Typically smaller material, no larger than 5 carats

  • Strong to medium fluorescence is common...and not a bad thing!

Type 2A
  • Typically over 5 carats

  • Nitrogen Free

  • Lighter in color = weaker saturation levels

  • Usually has an orangey hue to its color

  • Less likely to have fluorescence 

The Mines Production

Argyle produces 90% of the global pink diamond supply, yet just .01% of the diamonds from the mine are pink. 

Rarity in Perspective

To put rarity into perspective, less than an entire year's worth of Argyle pink diamonds over half a carat would fit into the palm of your hand.


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