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Introducing the 18M00700-RG Blush Pink Criss-Cross Floral Design, a captivating ring that combines modernity with the beauty of natural pink diamonds. This stunning piece features 13 exquisite natural pink diamonds, collectively weighing 0.06 carats, gracefully set in an alluring criss-cross floral design. Crafted with utmost care, the ring is made of 14k rose gold, enhancing the delicate blush hue of the diamonds. Pink diamonds are renowned for their rarity, and with the closure of the Argyle mine, which was responsible for 90% of the world's pink diamond supply, their value and desirability have soared. This ring offers an affordable opportunity to appreciate and share the splendor of these rare pink diamonds with the world. Embrace this modern design and adorn your hand with the mesmerizing allure of natural pink diamonds.

Stackable Ring Criss-Cross Argyle Pink Diamond Floral Ring Design 14k Rose Gold

SKU: 18M00700-RG
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